Friday, October 07, 2005

Sky Can

Sky Can

Hidden by L-grl
Sunnyvale, California

Found October 7th, 2005

For weeks I had been wondering what in the world a "Sky Can" was and went wild with my imagination.I got all excited about this cache because I was sure that a “Sky Can” was another name for a “gondola.” Darn! I was ready to buy an E ticket and everything.

Well despite the fact I was not able to fulfill my dreams of riding the skies, I was still very interested in this landmark. The can was quite pristine. In fact a little too pristine for my taste. I think a little rust would have been in order or perhaps at least a flying can opener would have complimented the scene.

Libbys makes me think of the good ole TV dinner days when life was a little simpler and "Leave it to Beaver" shows were considered high excitement.


Blogger Fur-face said...

Wow! I'd like to go to this spot just to see the giant can! : )

8:20 PM  

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